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Help for Blaupunkt calculator

The Blaupunkt calculator asks you to enter 10 digits from the radio made up as follows: BPX754X1934286 1 ). The first three numbers "754" are found in the model number of the stereo. 2). First find the paper label on the right hand side of the radio. 3). All Blaupunkt radio's have a part number starting with a number like 7 643 4). Followed by further numbers like 754 010 (7643 754 010). Make a note of the three numbers in the position where 754 (Underlined Above) is. 5). The radio also has a serial number printed on a label and engraved into the chassis of the radio. HINT: The serial number may look like this: BP7754Y1682854 You will notice that the three numbers from the model are also found just in front of the letter ( Y ) in the middle of the serial number Please Note: This letter may be different on each radio. 6). Now having all 10 digits (7541682854), Enter them into the