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Mercedes Wiring Diagrams

Tips for Mercedes Wiring Diagrams and Schematics   Smart Smart 1998   There is no speedpulse. A hall generator can be installed at the right or left rear wheel. (VDO-Kienzle no. for generator only: 06004.010003). Installation kit to order at: Kienzle Rheinapp GmbH, Alexanderstr. 37-39, 45472 Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Germany, P -     At the right or left rear wheel, opposite to the ABS sensor there is a hole. Pull through the threaded pin of the speedpulse sensor. Install the two washers on both ends of the hole. Use a screw-glue (important!), e.g. LOCTITE. The distance between th Mercedes Benz C 280 Mod.94 1994   At the radio connector. Green/white.     Wiring Diagrams Mercedes Benz E200 Compressor     At ISO-Radio connector Green/black.     If the

Vauxhall Serial Number Location

Vauxhall Serial Number Location Guide Once you have successfully removed your car radio , Locate the serial number by inspecting the top and right hand side of the Vauxhall radio. An example of serial numbers commonly found on Vauxhall Car Radios : GM0400Y1235654 PHAPCFFY125455 RN279FY1545152 RG594FX1255456 RNRD0940123456   Before getting a code we recommend you first ensure your radio is not blocked. Simply turn the Vauxhall radio on, and try to enter the first digit of any code "ONLY THE FIRST DIGIT" If this is ok, immediatly turn the radio off. If you find however that you are unable to enter any digits, leave your radio powered up for 1 hour continuously to reset itself. Whilst you have it removed also check for any labells such as Repaired... Exchange.. and check that labels such as Warranty Void if Removed are in-tact.   Reset radio code VW RCD 200 MP3 6Q0 035 152 D / 28064108 VW RCD 2

Mercedes navigation systems

Mercedes-Benz apple navigation system Apple (AAPL) is building a mercedes navigation system for Mercedes-Benz set to debut in early 2009, with more general availability about six months later. While it sounds cool, I suspect that it's actually more speculation than fact. Yes, Apple has been working on integrating Google mapping services into its products. Yes, Apple has been working with the car companies on integrating iPod and presumably iPhone functions into cars. Yes, Apple is probably working on GPS functions for the iPhone to help it comply with US 911-emergency locating requirements. But Apple actually doing an in-dash GPS navigation system as an exclusive for Mercedes just sounds wrong because: 1. Mercedes has unique interfaces. While most of the auto industry has standardized on DIN sizes and connections for car accessories, Mercedes doesn't do that, preferring to link everything on a fiber-optic network. As a result, interfacing an Apple GPS to a Mercedes reall