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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Car Radio Signal

Is your car radio signal bothering you? Do you want to boost your car radio signal ? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, worry not. Below are five ways of boosting the signal without the need for a professional. They are all easy, and you can work on them when you have some time. Read on to understand how to boost your car radio signal. 1. Check if the Car Antenna is the Issue. The car antenna is the primary cause of any poor radio reception. Examining the connections between the cable and the head unit ensures that you can eradicate some common issues. Besides, this might be the issue due to loose, corroded, or worn connections. Other options include: - Ensure your vehicle’s antenna is extended : If your car has a manual antenna, you should consider checking whether the mast is extended. You can sometimes take your car to the car wash, and the attendant might forget to extend the antenna. Extending your retractable mast can boost your car radio signal immediately. - Chec

5 Signs Your Alternator Is Going Out

Signs of a bad alternator are not always easy to diagnose and can fly under the radar and go unnoticed until it's too late. The most common problem is telling the difference between the battery and the alternator.  So how can you tell if it's your battery vs your alternator that's going bad? I will be happy to explain that in just a second. First though... What Does An Alternator Do? Does the alternator charge the battery? Your alternator is a crucial part of your vehicle and it's main job is to keep your battery charged. It's not always noticeable that the alternator is going bad. when the battery is involved so how can you tell if it's your battery or your alternator that you are having trouble with? How Can You Tell If It's The Battery Or The Alternator The easiest way to tell is to charge or "jump" your battery and see if your vehicle starts up. If it does the battery was the problem if not then it's time to replace your altern