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The easiest and most effective way to remove ice from your windshield without an ice scraper!

During the cold season, every car owner has to perform a task that no one really appreciates. The windshield de-icing is not pleasant for any of us! We however have no choice but to take the time to de-ice the windows. We can't afford to drive with a completely frosted windshield. We will expose ourselves to the risk of having or causing an accident. So you have two ways you usually get rid of this : One, you warm up the car for a long period of time and keep the defroster on and that will heat the window up but that kind of wasted gas doesn't it?! The other method is to use the good old ice scraper, and it takes time end effort and can damage your car, but it will eventually do it! Thankfully, there is a much faster and even more efficient alternative than the two previous ones. It simply consists of preparing and using a two-ingredient solution. Once you have tried this trick, you will drop the ice scraper and no longer waste fuel unnecessarily. 1. Required