Vauxhall Serial Number Location

Vauxhall Serial Number Location Guide

Once you have successfully removed your car radio, Locate the serial number by inspecting the top and right hand side of the Vauxhall radio.

An example of serial numbers commonly found on Vauxhall Car Radios :

GM0400Y1235654 Vauxhall Radio Removal

Before getting a code we recommend you first ensure your radio is not blocked. Simply turn the Vauxhall radio on, and try to enter the first digit of any code "ONLY THE FIRST DIGIT" If this is ok, immediatly turn the radio off. If you find however that you are unable to enter any digits, leave your radio powered up for 1 hour continuously to reset itself.
Whilst you have it removed also check for any labells such as Repaired... Exchange.. and check that labels such as Warranty Void if Removed are in-tact.


Reset radio code

VW RCD 200 MP3
6Q0 035 152 D / 28064108

VW RCD 200
7H0 035 152 H / 28091065

VW NB CD Radio EUR H0003/S0005
DE P/N 28029896 / 1C0 035 196AL

Decode car radio

VW NB CD Radio EUR H0002/S0003
DE P/N 28007230 / 1C0 035 196S

VW Delta
DE P/N 28033299 / 7L6 035 195B

Vauxhall CDR 2005 (E)
Delco 09146056

Unlock car stereo

Radio Code Number Recovery

Vauxhall CDR 500 (D)
DELCO 90 566 821

Stereo codes for WDCS, VA, DELCO, CDR

VW Delta
DE P/N 12227459

Volvo VR400
CD / Tuner

Reset radio code

Volvo VR300
CD / Tuner

Volvo VR100
Radio / Cassette

Vauxhall CDR 500 (E)

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