Ford Radio Code Free Online Stereo Code Generator

What is the Ford radio code? 

The Ford stereo code is usually a four digits long number required to unlock your car audio system.

You can get your Ford radio code free and very fast on this website. Just read this tutorial, then request your Ford audio code in the comments below.

Ford radio code free code generator

How do I get the code for my Ford radio?

If your Ford car has suffered a flat battery, or has been in the repair shop and had it's battery disconnected, you'll often need to re-enter the Ford radio code.

You are probably asking yourself, how do I unlock my car radio?

This is fine as long as you are the original ford owner or have access to the correct Ford stereo code.
But if you don't have the unlocking code though, decoding your Ford radio can be easy, difficult or impossible in some cases! It depends of your car model.

Where that's the case, you are left with two options, either to replace the original ford unit, or to unlock it by restoring your lost Ford car radio code.

The very first step to do in order to get your Ford radio code free of charge, is trying to find it in one of these three locations :

In the owner's manual :

Early versions of Ford cars include the Ford code in the owner's manual of the vehicle. It can be handwritten or printed on the first or last page.
Look also for Stereo,Radio, or Security sections of the document.

In the glove-box :

You may be able to find your Ford stereo code on a sticker inside the glovebox.
In some automobiles the manufacturer will place the Ford keycode in that location.

On the radio unit

Sometimes, previous owners will write down the radio security code on the radio itself.
Look for a 4 digit number on the sides and the top/bottom cover of your radio unit. Either printed on a sticker or handwritten. This would require removing the radio.

Unlock Ford radio using serial number generator

Step by step to decode your Ford radio code

If you can't find your Ford code anywhere, don't worry.
I will share with you an easy way to generate the code of your Ford car radio using its serial number.

This method will work for free Ford radio codes M series and Ford V series radio code that can be found in Fiesta, Focus, Transit, Ka and others.
  • Step 1 : Locate the unit serial number
  • Step 2 : Generate the radio code from the serial number
  • Step 3 : Enter the generated code to your ford stereo
Once you have done all this, you will be able to listen to all your favorite radio programs again!

How to find your Ford radio serial number?

Depending on your car model, finding your Ford stereo serial number may be a little bit different, but in most cases it is like this :

Find Ford Sony CD MP3 serial number

Turn ON your radio, then simultaneously press and hold keys 1 and 6 on the car radio for about ten seconds.
The Ford Sony CD unit will display different information on the screen. The serial number will appear with the following format SN: SOCDX1V203900. You only need the V + 6 digits serial.

Find 4500 RDS EON serial number

Find Ford 6000CD Model serial number

Find Travelpilot serial number

Other method to get your ford radio serial number

In some cases, in order to find your Ford car stereo serial number, you will need to remove it from the car dashboard. Then, you will find the serial number printed on a sticker on top or side of the head unit.

Ford radio removal instructions

To remove your Ford stereo unit from the dashboard, just follow these steps :
  • Step 1 : Locate the two holes on either side of the front of your Ford stereo. These holes are stacked on top of each other.
  • Step 2 : Place the ford radio removal tools in each hole. Push them until you hear or feel a click.
  • Step 3 : Place one hand on each Ford removal key and pull them apart toward the doors then pull the stereo out of the dash entirely.

Helpful Tips :

- The 4 holes may be hidden behind small tabs or flaps on the front of the car stereo system.
- Some Ford car models require a slightly different type of disassembly tool. Check your owner's manual if you are not sure what type is right for your vehicle.
- If you don't want to purchase a pair of DIN removal tools, you can use 4 flat pieces of metal and this will work just fine.

Once you've removed the ford autoradio from the dashboard, you will need to note your serial number.
It will be printed on the sticker at the top or right hand side of the radio unit next to the bar code.
It can be also engraved at one of the radio sides.
To restore your Ford radio code, you will need the 7 digit serial beginning with V or M or in other cases it will start with C or BP.
This is how the serial number will look like depending on your vehicle model :

Ford M serial found in Ford Fiesta cars :
Ford V serial found in Ford focus cars :
Ford pb Blaupunkt serial found Ford ka cars :
Ford c serial found in Ford Galaxy cars :

Ok, now you have the serial number needed to unlock your car stereo unit.
There are several options available to generate your ford radio code free or pay for it :

Ford radio code generator

Whether you are looking for Ford M series radio code or a Ford V series radio code, it is possible to generate your stereo code using a small piece of software or radio code calculator.

It is very simple to use, you just need to download the code generator for free, then enter the M or V serial number into the software and it will calculate the code instantly for you.

The link for Ford radio code calculator free download is available in many websites. It is compatible with many Ford car models including Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Mondeo, Galaxy…
  1. Download the Ford radio decoder
  2. Enter the V or M serial number
  3. There you go, you have the unlock code which will be displayed on the screen
ford m radio code calculator download
Ford M radio code calculator download
This car radio decoder includes full free Ford v code database. It can unlock ford radio units for free and instantly.

calculate and run Ford radio code
You can make a quick search using the Google search box at the top of the page, just type in your ford radio model and hit enter and you will get all you need about the specific car radio model.

Now, enter your serial number then your ford unlocking code is generated instantly, all you have to do after that is to enter it to your car radio. Don't worry it is so simple to do, and to make it easier, take a look at this ford radio code video tutorial:
Detailed instructions for Ford radio Code Entry :

Enter your Ford radio code

Now you have your stereo code, Follow these Ford code entry instructions to enter it to the unit :
  • Switch on the Radio.
  • Display Shows CODE with " - - - - " flashing.
  • Press preset " 1 " repeatedly for 1st Digit.
  • Press preset " 2 " repeatedly for 2nd Digit.
  • Press preset " 3 " repeatedly for 3rd Digit.
  • Press preset " 4 " repeatedly for 4th Digit.
  • If the correct ford radio code number is now shown.
  • Press preset " 5 " to Enter.
At the end, I hope that this ford stereo code recovery guide was helpful for you. If you still have problems or questions about  ford radio wiring diagrams, manuals, ford radio repair or any information about free ford radio codes, a person can blog post opinions and advice whenever you want and I'm going to make an attempt to support. Equally, I highly suggest one to take advantage of the search-box in the top to obtain additional information, merely input your current Ford stereo unit or used car device to locate solutions relating to this.

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