ISO connector panasonic car stereo wiring installation kits

ISO 16 Pins Connector Adapter For Car Radio Panasonic car stereo installation kits

Cable connection with nine 16-pin connector for Panasonic car radio and CD players to the vehicle's ISO connector
dimensions of the connector : 22x11mm

Iso connectors Liste of compatible car radios:

Series C-CQ: CQ-C1001NE, C1001NW CQ-, CQ-C1011NE, C1011NW CQ-, CQ-C1021NE, CQ-C1021NW,
C1100VN CQ-, CQ-C1103NE, CQ-C1103 NW, CQ-C1110AN, CQ-C1110GN, C1-113NE CQ, CQ-C1113NW,
CQ-C1115N, CQ-C1120AN, CQ-C1120G N-C1123NE CQ, CQ-C1123NW, C13-00AN CQ, CQ-C1300GN,
C1301NE CQ-, CQ-C1301NW, CQ-C1303 NE-C1303NW CQ, CQ-C1311NE, C1-311NW CQ, CQ-C1312NW,iso connector
C1313NE CQ-, CQ-C1313NW, CQ-C1315 N-C1321NE CQ, CQ-C1321NW, CQ-C13 23NE, CQ-C1323NW,
CQ-C1325N, CQ-C1400N, CQ-C1415N, CQ-C1425N, CQ-C1465N, CQ-C1475N, CQ-C1505N, CQ-C3100AN,
C3100GN CQ-, CQ-C3100VN, CQ-C3300 N, CQ-C3301N, CQ-C3305N, CQ-C3355 N, CQ-C3503N,
CQ-C5100n, CQ-C5300N, CQ-C5301N, CQ-C5303N, CQ-C5355N, CQ-C5400N, CQ-C7300N,
CQ-C7301N, CQ-C7302N, CQ-C7303N, CQ-C7305N, CQ-C7703N, CQ-C8100N, CQ-C8300N,
CQ-C8301N, CQ-C8351N, CQ-C8352N, CQ-C8403N, CQ-C8405N, CQ-C8803U, CQ-C9700N,
CQ-C9701N, CQ-C9800N, CQ-C9901N
CQ-DFX Series: DFX203N CQ-, CQ-DFX213N, C Q-DFX223N, DFX683N CQ-, CQ-DFX783 N
DFX883N CQ-, CQ-DFX903N, CQ-3N DFX98
HX-Series CQ: CQ-HX1003N, HX1083N CQ-, CQ-HX2083N
Series CQ-RD: RD133N CQ-, CQ-RD143N, CQ-R D153N, CQ-RD243
Series CQ-RDP-RDP003N CQ, CQ-RDP103N, C Q-RDP113N, RDP123N CQ-, CQ-RDP133 N
RDP143N CQ-, CQ-RDP153N, CQ-RDP38 3N
CQ-RX Series: CQ-RX101N, RX102N CQ-, CQ-R X103N, RX200N CQ-, CQ-RX300N, CQ-R X400N
CQ-Series VCD: CQ-VCD163WJ.

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