make audio files compatible withautoradio

Make it compatible audio files to a car radio


I transferred all my music from my computer on my USB stick. When I connect to my computer, I identify elements 804 and go 3.59 disponible. All transferred songs are visible, but when I connect my key in my car, it says that my key is empty ...


  • Format your key in FAT32

Unless you have an iPod compatible car stereo directly, it should read that the PC formats: NTFS and FAT32. The problem of NTFS is that Mac does not know natively written on, unless you use a utility such as NTFS-3G MacFuse or Paragon NTFS for Mac.
Advantage of FAT32: it is run by Mac and here's how:
  • Run "Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility"
    • Select the tab "Partition"
  • Select the USB drive (the first icon that is to say that showing the key size)
    • Choose "Partition A" for field "Volume Configuration" (do not leave this field to "Current" if the other fields are dimmed)
  • Naming your future USB
    • Choose "MS-DOS (FAT) 'for field" Format "
  • Click on "Options" and select "MBR"
  • Proceed with Format by clicking on "Apply"

When finished, presents your music on the USB.

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