Becker 780 Troubleshooting Tips Removal Instructions

780 Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your radio does not turn on, check the fuse panel refer to the vehicle owners manual for radio fuse location.
  • If radio turns on, but you have "No Audio" check that the fader switch in center console is plugged in. This may require lifting the wooden console panel.
  • If your AM is poor, check the ground connection at your antenna and also confirm that all mast sections of the antenna are extended.
  • If the radio works properly but certain lines or segments are missing on the display, you may only need to have the faceplate rebuilt or exchanged.
  • There is no external amp in this car.
  • Upon reinstallation, if your antenna is no longer extending when radio is turned on, please refer to "Back Panel Instructions" on previous page/link. Verify the antenna trigger wire is attached to the proper location (next to the four pin power plug).


Removal Instructions

  • Lift chrome ashtray from ashtray mount.
  • Remove 2 phillip screws from the ashtray mount and carefully remove mounting from dashboard.
  • Carefully apply downwards pressure upon metal spring tabs that are located on the upper edge of the opening that latch into bottom edge of radio frame.
  • With spring tabs released, reach into ashtray opening and apply forward force to back of radio to slide radio out of opening.

780/1480 Wiring diagram

becker 780 1480 Wiring diagram

We can modify your original radio to have a "L & R" RCA preout cable for an external amplifer

Amplifers listed below are available for this option

When using this option, we recommend you upgrade your speakers

1 year warranty

Faceplate available seperate (model 615)

Available in Original or Simulated Wood Grain finish

If your unit has 4-dashes across the display, the unit is locked out.

During radio service or exchange, the theft connection block can be disabled if requested, preventing furture theft mode activation.

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