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The car battery
Maximize the life of your battery.
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The car battery

The battery is at the center of the load circuit. Its operation is simple, when you start the car, the starter takes the energy of your battery. Once the engine running, it drives the alternator which provides electrical power the car and recharges the battery.
The battery stores electrical energy needed to start and electrical accessories of the vehicle. It recharges continuously when the vehicle is started.
The alternator is an AC generator driven by a belt connected to the engine. This generator produces alternating current when the engine is running, even at idle. A controller is positioned at the current output of the alternator to regulate the current product.
All parts are dependent on each other. In case of failure of the alternator, the battery drains quickly. In case of battery failure, the driver is unable to start the car.
Maximize the life of your battery.
There is one thing that the battery does not like winter. In the early cold snaps, a battery in very good condition loses 35% of its capacity. Winter is the time of year where electrical equipment are the most stressed (headlights, fog lights, heating, electric defrost, etc..) Many opportunities to put your flat battery. This is particularly true if you only makes short trips that do not allow the alternator to recharge the battery pack. Here are the actions to do on your farm:
- Check the health of the battery electric
A voltmeter must be used to check the battery charge. Car off, applying two probes on the battery terminals, it must indicate a measure equal to about 12.7 volts. If the voltage is less than or equal to 12.5 volts, the battery begins to discharge. It is then possible to use a charger immediately.
- Check level
The batteries are called "maintenance free and ready to use." Some batteries still allow access to the electrolyte (a mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid) by a cap. If necessary, you have to level with deionized water. The electrolyte level should be slightly above the metal parts.
- Clean the terminals
What he can block any current flow is a slight oxidation at the battery terminals. This deposit is whitish sulfate is formed preferably when the battery is low charge. You can disconnect the battery, remove, rinse with water and clean the terminals with a wire brush. Warning: this operation can be done on an older vehicle with some electronics. A current vehicle may lose all electronic data, from the radio code for programming the injectors. The reprogramming of the vehicle is then at the dealership at a cost of about 100 €.
- Using the charger
A battery is recharged when it comes to 1/10th of its capacity. For example, for a battery of 95 ampere hours (Ah), we must wait for it to 9 amps hour to load. The charger should be set to the correct level of charge if it is manual. To recharge the battery, it is not necessary to unplug the cable car.

battery charger
- MEGAPULSE battery
It may be that your battery seems to be very tired and recharge will discharge almost immediately afterwards. This is perhaps due to the formation of sulfate crystals in the battery. It is then possible to use a Megapulse to save your battery. Just when connecting terminals to Megapulse, this may take a few days but the result is there. The Megapulse has cost about 100 €.
When replacing the battery?
The battery should be replaced when it is certain that it is charging more. Remember that it often happens that a rapid discharge of the battery does not stem necessarily from itself, but a problem with the alternator. So many think to check the whole circuit load before replacing your battery. Without major problems, it is common to have to change battery every 3-4 years.
Choosing the right battery
Your car is generally compatible with one type of battery. The character and dimensions identical to the old. offers two brands of batteries. They are two quality types of batteries. The World Drums are standard batteries and Fulmen, batteries of improved quality. The quality of a battery is measured by various parameters. It is above all the quality materials that compose it. For the same battery, lead the Fulmen weighs a pound more than the World Battery. On the characteristics of batteries, you can see two types of amperage. The first is presented in ah or amp-hour is the power used when starting the vehicle. The second is indicated by "amp" or AMP, is the real power of the battery during prolonged use. Over this value, the higher your battery will last over time.

Battery characteristics
Installation Tips
A battery is very simple to change. Disconnect the pods, remove the battery and install the new one. Not to be mistaken for laying direction and polarity. Think thoroughly lubricate the new terminals. The grease is not conductive but it helps protect the terminals against corrosion. These are the clamps that provide the contact terminals.batterie auto
Your old battery should not be thrown anywhere, bring it in a place where it can be supported for recycling. This may be the case at a garage or entitled to receive a waste batteries.
Expert Tips Yakarouler
- Always disconnect the negative terminal on the battery first, since it is connected to the mass of the car. Will distinguish the negative from the positive terminal using multiple information. The color code is red terminals for positive terminal and black for negative. The positive terminal has a diameter larger than the positive. Moreover, there is almost always a hallmark + - between the two terminals.
- Attention on new cars, disconnecting the battery can reset all the codes for the car, including all parameters related to the engine. (Code unit, injection, etc.). Reprogramming of the vehicle is then in the garage of the brand and cost about 100 €.
- To charge your battery, you must first connect the red clamp to tighten the "+" and the black terminal "-". Then, the charger plug can be plugged. Charge termination in reverse order.
- The terminals are protected with grease. Feel free to add, this prevents the sulfate form.
- It is always good to remember that you should never reverse the polarity of a car battery!

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