Ford 2006 RDS stereo code

How can I retrieve my lost Ford 2006 RDS unlock code

As an antitheft security system to prevent unauthorized use, Ford 2006 RDS will be locked any time the battery power is cut to the system. Ford2006-RDS
Once battery is reconnected the Ford car stereo will request for code, you'll need to enter your Ford 2006 RDS radio code using the numeric keypad in order to use the stereo again. This feature will help to prevent thieves from using your autoradio.
You should verify if your 4 digit number code is written somewhere in your paper. In many cases the FORD dealer will writ the stereo code on the owners manual in the radio section. This will save you a lot of time.
If you are sure you don’t have your 2006 RDS code or if you lost your owner's manual, keep reading I will show you how to reset Ford 2006 radio codes using code calculators from serial number.


How to remove Ford 2006 RDS and locate serial number:

lets begin by locating Ford 2006 RDS serial number. Remove the unit from the car, simply insert the removal tools through the holes, push it until a click is heard then look at  the top and right hand side of your ford car radio you will see a serial number like M1234567, L001245, C154123, A659885. Note this number, you will need it in the next step.
Ford removal tools Most ford radios require ISO removal keys (ISO-Keys) although others require the flat type (PC5-132)


Unlock Ford 2006 RDS stereo code

Just use a ford 2006 RDS calculators, put the serial number into it then hit “Calculate” to generate the code :

A decoding utilitie covers Ford radio codes from serial number or by PCB number (7 digit number printed on main board). it can generate 3 digits and 4 digits unlock codes for Ford M, A, L & C Series.
Note: If the serial has 7 digits then use the last 6 i.e ignore the first 0 after the letter.

Ford 2006 Code Entry instructions for Early Four Digit Ford Radio Codes (units with SELECT button)

Once the unit has been turned on the display will show CODE with " - - - - " flashing. If not then the unit is codelocked, you will need to leave it On for about two hours or more to reset before the code entry becomes possible.
Press preset " 1 " repeatedly for 1st Digit
Press preset " 2 " repeatedly for 2nd Digit
Press preset " 3 " repeatedly for 3rd Digit
Press preset " 4 " repeatedly for 4th Digit
If the correct code number is now shown Press " SELECT " to Enter.
If the unit displays "10" then all of the attempts have been used up and the radio will have to be electronically decoded by a professional car radio decoding service. But, if you have enough experience in electronics circuits, you can generate ford stereo codes using the code calculators from EEPROM DUMP files.

Get more about ford 2006 rds car radio codes :

For more information about FORD car radio removal, wiring diagrams, manuals, code entry instructions… please browse the side bar or use the search box on the top and bottom of the page.
Finally, don't forget to post comments, give more information to improve the article and say if you successfully got your code.
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