Philips CCR600 Code

The right way to Initialise any Philips CCR600 car radio code

Created on the Netherlands in 1891, Philips Electronics is often a well-known international technology enterprise that delivers acoustic instruments intended for house and car use. Philips CCR600 car stereos tend to be associated with autos from widely used auto-makers like General Motors.
Philips CCR 600 car radio involve an anti-theft feature that needs you to enter in an activation code constructed from 4 Digits before somebody can open the radio unit for the first time.

You will have to enter the Philips CCR600 code any time your stereo screens the "Code" message to re-establish control of this philips radio and audio control panel.

Philips CCR 600 stereo code entry instructions

Initially, in the facade panel, push and hold  "AS" switch while turning on the CCR600 stereo ; you will notice "Code" on the digital display. I you don’t have this message then your Philips radio is code-locked, that means that you will have to leave it on until you see "Code" in the screen, otherwise continue reading. 

Apply the cassette or cd player preset control buttons to provide the four-digit Philips CCR600 stereo code. By way of example, if the reset code was "2976" you should click on the "Preset 2" button two times, "Preset 9" nine times, "Preset 7" seven times and finally "Preset 6" six times.
To end, Simply click the "AS" key again in order to save the inserted code and activate the philips ccr600 car radio unit.
Note: if you are looking for how to calculate your CCR600 RADIO CODE, then go to the philips stereo code section.
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