Philips Radio Code

Need a Philips radio code? I’m ready to help you.

From now you will get the ability to recover your Philips radio codes right from the autoradio serial number, philips-radio-codePreCode or even EEPROM Dump files(.bin), it is so easy, just have one of the philips radio code decoders. You need to have the serial number of your Philips car stereo unit, which can simply be found on the radio chassis. 

Philips stereo code :

By having a Philips radio code decoder you will be able to unlock codes for Philips, VDO and Renault cassette or cd players, it is also possible, using these tools, to generate code for the majority of Philips radios produced up to the year 2000, including factory radios fitted to: Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Honda, Opel, Renault, MG, Fiat, BMW, Land Rover, Vauxhall, Citroen and so.

Philips car radio serial number location | Brief guide :

The philips serial number can be located etched on the chassis of the car radio and may require some cleaning to see it, it is usually situated in the side of your radio unit and generally starts with letters like ; PH, GM. RN, RG, AL or VO and will be 14 digits in length.
Take note: - The number starting with FD isn’t your serial number.
                  - You must remove the car stereo from your vehicle using the philips radio removal keys.
I hope this little guide was helpful for you to get your Philips radio code. In case you still have some problems you can use the Google search bar on the top of the page or post comments and I'm sure you will get the solution to your problem.

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