Mitsubishi mirage 2000 radio code entry instructions

How to Enter the mirage 2000 Mitsubishi Radio Code

Your car stereo in Mitsubishi mirage 2000 uses an auto-locking system so that whenever the battery is cut to the radio, it will be locked and will ask for code. Your car radio will be protected from unauthorized use with the help of this feature. However, if you need to disconnect the battery to make some repair in your oune mirage 2000 auto, you will need to know the code entry instruction for car radio, so that you can use the stereo again.mirage 2000

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position and turn on the Mitsubishi 2000 Radio.

Wait a moment until you see the words "CODE" displayed on the digital screen of your Mitsubishi 2000 mirage .

Using the numeric keypad on your stereo Enter the radio code given to you by your Mitsubishi dealership.

Note: if you don’t have your mirage Mitsubishi 2000 unlock code, please go to the Mitsubishi radio code section or use the search bar in the top of the page.

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